Rear Headrest Problem


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Feb 4, 2009
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When I bought the car someone had kindly put one of the headrests the wrong way round, I have now tried pulling/pushing it all different ways but to no avail, the little so and so wont budge. The other two come out fine as they are the correct way round.

Any recommendations?
I would've though it would come out easier if it was the wrong way around as the notches for the catch are not there so it can't lock into place.. I wonder what's holding it in place?
If the headrest is in backwards the last adjustment notch (a flat bottomed slot meant to be on the inside lefthand leg of the headrest) may catch unless the tab is pushed in.

There is no other reason for it not to come out with a little force.
Cool, i will try a bit more brute force later tonight.
All sorted!! Brute force didnt work, and despite my urges to use the angry grinder out I decided it was probably best to try and use a methodical approach (whatever thats supposed to mean)

I took the other side out and had a look at the 'notches' and found that the bottom notch on the 'leg' that goes into the hole that has the release catch is actually different so that the headrest gets locked into place until you push the release catch.

In the end I prised the grey cap off the hole and used a small watchmakers screwdriver to hold the clip out of the way whilst i slid the headrest out fully. Job done and im a happier bunny :)
nice one its good to step back and think about it logically well done!

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