A2 big thud after pot hole


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Mar 26, 2007
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Leeds, UK
My wife hit a fairly heafty pothole in her A2 last week. Prior to it there were no knocks or thuds. Now, when driving on uneven roads the car makes a heavy thud/thump. The noise is dull and comes from the front of the car. It does not seem to be side specific.

The steering feels fine and sharp. Braking and accelerating do not cause the thud. It just occurs after driving over other potholes.

I have removed the undertray and had a good crawl around and waggle with a wrecking bar. The front wheel joints all feel OK as does the transmission mount and the exhaust is firmly held. The anti roll bar mounts also seem good. The left hand engine mount allows for up and down movement, which I think is normal. When revving the engine the block does move.

Has anybody had engine mounts fail or can advise on other things to check.

Many thanks in advance,


Top suspension mounts and the small drop links are the other parts that you can get issues with (same as all cars).
If you have fixed this already then no wories butI had exact same problem. It turned out to be the anti roll bar had been bent outta shape and was colliding with the engine casing (drivers side) when going over bumps. Audi quoted 450 quid to replace for which they should have done for free considering it is a known fault of theirs. Anyways i took it to a back street garage who had nver heard of the problem they quoted me 145 quid fitted. After the job was expertly done the mechanic couldn't wait to hand me back the keys.... said he never wanted to that job again and the quote should of been for 450 quid!!!
It was indeed the anti roll bar - very disappointed to see Audi using plastic collars on the ARB, which had failed (fancy that!) and the whole bar had shifted to the right - many thanks to all for your help.

Glad you got it sorted!

Never thought about the ARB even though every A2 owner knows of the problems, And its not just the A2 i think the TT also suffers...
agree with the ARB, check. It is common for the early ones to need an updated bar retrofitted. did this to our A2, pig of a job as subframe has to be dropped but no more knocks.

+1 on the drop links too.

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