Reversible Boot Liner


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Apr 21, 2009
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I see that you can now specify one of these for the Quatro, but apparently only as a Factory Optional Extra for £50.

I have contacted Audi and they say its only available from the factory and cant be purchased as an after market accesory!

Has anyone ordere this and does the mat have a code somewhere, or has anyone already ordered this as an accesory?
Hummm i will check this out for you tomorrow when Im back in work. They usually list the reversible boot liner on the ETKA parts slide not with the accesory stuff.

If they do list it, they are usually a lot more than when you spec it from factory.
I got a great liner for my car, cost me about £25 delivered & really is great
Yes you can get them seperate 3DOOR 8P3 862 559 87A £153.45
SPORTBACK 8P4 862 559 87A £153.45

So if you want them definatly spec them from factory as you will save a fair bit!!
Is your car Quattro?

Not sure if these would fit the 4wheel drive machines??
Ah ok mines 2wd, but contact them & ask mate if they have 4wd version or buy the same as mine & use these, lol


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