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7 years and still going strong

ron burgandy Jun 14, 2018

  1. ron burgandy

    ron burgandy Active Member

    i bought my S3 new in jan 2010 and it’s done 52 000 and it that time the only thing that has gone wrong is the haldex pump needed replacing after 2 years (which was under warranty)
    I’ve probably cursed it now but what are other people’s experience s with the A3’s?
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  3. mechanic69

    mechanic69 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter VCDS Map User Audi S3 DSG

    Got my 2011 plate 2nd hand in 2014 now done 75k as a daily runner, and still going like new, had the halves pump go as well but that has been the only failure I’ve had part from a couple of cheap controllers, keep it well maintained and it’ll last for ages best motor I’ve had no breakdowns or problems really

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  4. Jake 61

    Jake 61 Teacher of bad things..! Team Brill Red Team V6 Gold Supporter VCDS Map User Audi A3 quattro

    My first A3 was a pig, 2.0 TDi
    Blew two turbo's, cracked the cylinder head, it was crashed into twice, the second one wrote it off. Had it 3 years and I still loved it, despite the grief.
    I've had my second one, 3.2 quattro, for near on 4 years now and relatively speaking, it's been as good as gold. Bought it with 61.5k miles on the clock, it is still spotless, has Weitec Coil Overs, Neuspeed Exhaust and a few other mods. Just fitted the newly repaired Haldex controller today and I don't see a good reason to sell it.
    Still smart, still quick, still gives me a buzz on the twisties.
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  5. paddy

    paddy Well-Known Member Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    Bought mine new in 2011, its done 71k now. Revo stg1 at 800 miles to 65k miles then APR stg 2+
    Rear dif went at 60k miles, other than that the usual stuff, prop shaft doughnut, wheel bearing, brake discs, fuel pump, carbon canister, drop link, door seals split, oil pick up pipe and so on...
    Just passed a health check and still putting out 380bhp on the dyno just 2 weeks ago :)
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  6. SootySport

    SootySport Well-Known Member Team Silver

    My 2010 A3 Quattro 2litre Tfsi done 51000 miles, just a coil pack failed about a month ago. Had the car 4 years now.
  7. JRock247

    JRock247 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User MQB Platform Deep Black Pearl

    My previous A3 2.0TDi had just over 150K and was still going strong when I sold her. Only on major failure, the turbo but apart from that, she was sound.

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