Buying my first A3


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Mar 30, 2009
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Hello, this is my first post on A-S, I had come across the website after doing a bit of looking around before buying my first A3. I'm looking to spend around 11k for a facelift model. There's a few sitting in dealers with 20-30k on the clock for a 1.9tdi sport at arounf 10988 but I'd expect to knock between 7.5 - 10% unless the dealers a bit stubborn! Does this seem like a decent enough deal?

Leading on from this would it be expensive to transform this to an s-line look-a-like? Is it as simple as the items I have listed below?
  • S-Line Front Bumper
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Side Skirts
hi there and welcome!

i think you will also need to add a rear bumper as they are differant on the sline

Then there is the interior......i think on a sline the interior is black and has sline logo'd seats etc?

could be worth just trying to get a sline maybe.

not to hot on prices though to know what the differance is between the 2 £wise

hope this helps
i think sport seets are the same shape as sline just not leather and not all leather seets in sline have the sline indentation on the seets some are blank
If you spending 11K, then go for the s-line!
And try to get the 2.0tdi as it is 6-speed.
mate forget about the 1.9TDI you want the 2.0TDI ... try and get DSG aswell ;)
Cheers! Jus trying to find one at a decent price! I'm going to go see this one later on this evening I reckon, see if they'll knock the price down to nearer 10k. I haven't seen much s lines about that is my only issue, which is why I asked... would prefer to goto a dealer so I could P/X my old car.. selling privately I haven't got time for at the moment.:footy:
What car have you got that you want to PX?

What type of A3 do you want? (colour, mileage, etc..)
What car have you got that you want to PX?

What type of A3 do you want? (colour, mileage, etc..)

Its a 52 plate Corsa.. my first car. Looking for Black/Silver/Blue A3 with around 30k on it max really... tight demands I know :)
it may be for 11 k sline with less than 30k
it may be for 11 k sline with less than 30k

I thought as much really, I'll have a chat with the dealer.. if I can talk him down to about 10k thats 1k I have to play with for a few mods. I understand its "cheaping out" slightly going for the s-line looks with just the 1.9tdi under there but a new car is required.
My current car is running out of MOT and road tax and needs some new tyres so I don't fancy investing that money into it and trying to save for a while longer for the A3. I suppose the s-line/s3 is a car for the future at this rate. Aret eh 1.9TDIs alright? I do a fair bit of milage so expect to save slightly with fuel.
You will do, it being a diesel, but with the 2.0tdi option, it has 6 gears, so you will save more fuel! :)
2.0 tdi all the way, then a remap, then you will be on your way!