CD & Headunit query A3


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Jan 23, 2009
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South Wales
Hi guys,

My other half has a 2000 A3 tdi which has the standard Audi headunit with a tape player, now on the bottom right of the headunit it says mode the same as on my S3 but when you press it nothing happens.

On inspection in the boot, it has the standard sub and the frame is there where the CD changer would have been once upon a time, the connection wire is also there for the changer.

What my question is, do you think the car originally had the standard 6 disk changer which broke and was never replaced meaning if I put a changer in it will work?


IIRC, early A3's had the wiring for the CD changer regardless if it was fitted or not. Later cars came with the Symphony II 6 disc headunit and didn't come with the cable...

You should be able to pick one up from ebay or I think certian aftermarket ones fit on too. I seem to recall my brother fitted a Clarion 6 disc changer to his A3 1.8tQS.

Ahh right cheers for that so the standard headunit will support a CD-Changer but they didnt come fitted with one?
Pretty sure yeah... Some head units require VAGCOM to enable CD changer functionality but I think they are the later ones. Search the ICE section or find the user 'AndyMac', he will should able to tell you for sure.

you just need a cd changer with the correct pin to connect to your existing cable. You will not need vagcom on yours (as said above, only for later cars).

I did put one in mine, but changed it. I bought a Dension IceLink and conencted my ipod with it. Much better. Can hold more songs, is removable (mine is in the glovebox), and no problem with discs skipping