A6 Chorus half Amp system change Help?


Wafting in the A6!
Apr 3, 2009
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Hi Guys!

I have a 2001 A6 and am wanting to change the Chorus hu for a alpine one with ipod connection (dont really want to but took it out of the wifes car so is cheaper than ipod connection) but it would apear that i have a half amplified system! so am not sure what lead/adaptor i need and weather it is even worth doing ???

Really apreciate your help guys

You need the RCA input adapter which takes the rear pre-outs on the Alpine and feeds them to the rear amp, along with the remote turn on feed. TBH you'd be better rewiring the rears directly to the Hu as you'll find the feeble 2 x 20w amp currently feeding the rears will be completely overpowered by the 2 x 50w+ feeding the fronts from the Alpine.
Halfords sell the PC9-404 adapter:
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Hi Andy

Thanks that is very helpful! so i am guessing i should just not worry about the adapter and just rewire the rear speakers to the hu, but does this mean running cable from front to rear ?
Yes you need to run new speaker cable from the HU back to the amp, where you can pick up the feeds to the rear speakers.