Picked up my A3 Yesterday


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Mar 15, 2009
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Picked up my first Audi A3 yesterday, tis a nice car and quite quick even though it's a diesel, am quite impressed!

Although I'm a little up set on two things!
There was only 1 key, so no spare, dunno whether to try and write to the previous owner to see if they still have it or go to audi to get things changed or just leave it and hope I don't loose the key!
The other is you have to yank the handbrake up pretty far in order for it to stay still on an hill (my driveway points down :( ) So will be on the phone tomorrow to get the dealer to sort that one out! Maybe just needs some adjustment.

Once my other car goes I can look into getting some RS6's for it :)
nice 1 try to get the other key for it i have a m8 he had his car nicked and dident have a spare key. the insurances pigs wouldent pay him out until he got the other key of the previous owner luckey he found it :)
Good point, I'll write him a letter tomorrow and see what he says.

But by giving him my address, he could just some round, and drive the car off :sadlike:
if you take out the rear ash tray and the little pocket thing, you will be able to see two wires goin into one which is the handbrake mechanism, if you tighten it up slightly then it should be fine, i done mine n its great now, also when u do pull handbrake up, put ur foot hard on brake and then lift handbrake!
Sounds like you got a nice car :)
Did you get teh car from audi? If so ask them to get you a spare key, when i got mine only had one but went back in a ew weeks and they gave me one.
Any photos of the car?