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A3 steve

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Jul 2, 2007
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Does anyone have experience of fitting one touch / comfort indicators to a 8L A3/S3?

VW offer a kit as part number 000 998 229A

The instructions are to fit it to golfs and passats 1997-2005 but I'm interested in fitting it to my 2002 S3.
I'm hoping it will fit as the cars are very similar.


Mk4 Golf thread

Copy of instructions

Anyone help?
Tap the stalk, the indicators will flash 3 times as per the later model cars.
Pretty good idea, however I used to drive a Vectra company car with it, and back then i thought it was the $hittest idea ever as it was so tempermental, you could tap it and it would work sometimes quickly, other times it would just stay on, and to turn it off you had to tap it the other way, only for it to start indicating the other way!!!

Anyway, i think the VW/Audi version will be a huge improvement on this :)
Just went through the UKMKIV's forum link and it's not all good feedback, plus you need to get to the Hazards switch which is a PITA on an S3.