yet another P0234 fault code an limp mode


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Feb 22, 2009
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Wolston, Warwickshire
Hi All,

Well the reason i joined this forum was because it was so much help with a problem i was having.. (have, not had, dont think its fixed yet...)

I have an 04 2.0TDI Sport A3.. Its got 16000 miles on it and hasnt hardly done anything in the last 6 months, i bought it two weeks ago..

When i picked it up, all was good, test drive was fine.. When i set off home and got on the M25, was cruising at about 70-80 and i pulled out to overtake, gave it a bit of boot and it went into limp mode (no engine management light though). So pulled off motorway and into a layby, switched engine off and called dealer..

When i started car again it was fine, turbo working fine.. SO when back on motorway i called the dealer and while on the phone i recreated the problem so that he knew exactly what was happening.. It did it again, same thing, and it reset when i recycled the ignition..

Did it once more on the way home by accident and this time the engine management light came on..

SO i searched the net and found you guys.. Sent a link to the dealer to look at and gave the car back to the dealer last sunday..

He rang to say that his mechaninc/technician had said that he doubts what was said on here is right (i think thats rubbish) and siad that it could be something to do with the wastegate and has taken the turbo off to be tested..

What sort of things do you think would create these problems with an 04 with 16000 miles on.. could it be to do with the fact the car has probably been driven around the houses for the past 16000 miles and it hasnt hardly moved in 6 months?

Cheers Lads,

It could be wastegate related.

my car done it once and hasnt returned but that was because the car was cold...

Id look into air leaks too...

well after badgering the garage, they have finally got my car back , the turbo was found to be faultless and not snag was found, athough they cant replicate the conditions easily as there isnt a motorway nearby..

The dealer now has the car and is going to try and replicate the problem tonight, if he cant then hes giving me the car back..

dont like the fact that they didnt find anything..

Hmmmm not happy...
advise them to drive hard when the cars cold - mine done it once then but i never really drive fast when cold so cant say whether the prob still persists...