high boost screaming noise, please help


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Apr 4, 2004
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hi, i ve been bouncing this round the tt forum for a bit now , but no body seems to be able to help. so i thought i would try here.. problem is a noise coming from the turbo area when the car is at max boost (24psi)ive had it on a rolling road even had a hand down to try a feel for leeking boost etc. but nothin . the noise is a cross between a fan belt sliping and a the top of a bottle been blown and only does this noise when i floor it early and leave it to build up ,lets say from 40mph in 4 gear, ive had a boost gauge on , and it does it at about 22 to 24 psi . got new dv and samco inlet hose fitted, checked all jubilee clips etc, so the question is really what could make this noise without there being a leek?
sounds interesting where abouts is this gauge hose taping point is it on the inlet hose, what gauge is this for? thanks in advance
mmm dont really sound like thats it.my noise is coming from the turbo area. and i havnt got a boost gauge fitted full time , only when i tested the preasure
Is there a spilt in your cat?
I had a noise that sounded like a duck repeatively quacking when boosting.
Found that there was a small gap inbetween where the Cat met the down pipe and another one where the down pipe joins the Mid section really easy to sort out.
Had a similar noise on my cracked turbo, especially when lifting off...high boost.

I hope not for your sake, but it was a noise like that which you describe.
you got me worried /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif but im not loosing any power or psi at all ?
I am very sure that the noise you are hearing is due to the gauge.

I had it higher up the rev range.........will look for the part for you.
cheers mike hope your right, have you got a picture of where it may be