Sidelight Bulb and Suspension


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Feb 16, 2007
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Verwood, Dorset
Hi Guys (and Gals!)

Firstly just a quick one - sidelight bulb - 12v 5w yes? One's gone and i've removed it but the markings are all but gone so i can't confirm the rating and from memory it doesn't give that info in the owner's manual as Audi would prefer you to take it to a stealership to have any bulbs changed!
Secondly has anybody fitted a Weitec (from DPM Performance) springs and shocks kit to a standard SE 1.9TDI and if so what kit did you go for, what drop did you achieve and how does it ride? Mine's just gone over the 120k mark and it's all getting a bit wallowy so it's time to do something about it! Unfortunately the 6 months back-pay from the pay-rise we should have received last August won't stretch too far so hopefully some of you can confirm that this is a good way to go?!?
Thirdly can anyone point me in the direction of a 'how-to' for replacing the suspension as i can't seem to find one (couldn't find my **** with both hands at the moment - ****** cold/flu!) and/or a list of part numbers for all the necessary bolts etc which i'm sure i've seen somewhere (i'd rather replace all the small bits and bobs as i'm sure some will take a bit more removal force than is good for them!)
Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.


Richard :unsure:
Hello mate how is it going?

Assuming you don't have OEM Xenon's then the sidelight bulb is a 501 type.

Sidelamp bulb for HID-equipped cars - H6W-12V6W
Sidelamp bulb for halo-equipped cars - W5W-12V5W

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