Slight hesitation on boost


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Jul 19, 2007
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Having only had the A3 a week or so I may be overeacting to a normal feature of driving it but I find that when I start to accelerate hard the car hesitates for just a second and then its fine and it does this in all gears.

Is this most likely to be the "dump" valve for want of the proper term which escapes me atm or could it be a split in a pipe or could it be either? :s

Any help welcome!
Could be the DV Valve (it's a diverter on 1.8T engines, not dump), the Bosch ones are pretty fragile. Could also be the MAF, a coilpack going down, a split hose etc etc. You're best getting it on VAG-Com and seeing what faults it has.
Had the same problem.changed my MAF for a BOSCH 1,not the cheep type,and its tip top again now....

Best £30 ive spent on the car to date!!!

£30 for a MAF

That's blinkin cheap.
Where was that from????

You can get a new MAF off ebay for about £30 but I dont think they are Bosch ones.

Im gona get the engine cover off and look for split hoses then I will find someone local with vagcom to help me out rather than paying someone to do it!