vag-com check - How Much?


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Jan 21, 2008
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Looks like i need a vag-com check to try and sort out my dodgy alarm.

I'm just wondering how much i should expect to pay.

Any ideas?
well audi charge by the hour usually but a bit of haggling then they will do for 30 mins, but if you know them well they might do a quick read for free, but usually what approx £100 a hour, but find someone in your area with VCDS then most would help you & read for free or beer, but you could always get a genuine cable for your car which allows you to do it all now & future by yourself, its 2.5 hours worth of audi charges so very much worth it & audi's comparable unit is 5k, so you can see the deal is pretty good.

I have a group buy running if you're interested for £228.75 for the full genuine cable.

PM if interested or check the stickies for local VCDS users
depends on the car you have, ie age

if its a c5 you can get a lead from ebay and vag com trial free, which should allow you to do basic checks.

about 50-60 quid to register it if you need to.

where are you based, there may be someone local that can assist
If its the v3/4 leads then pointless cause there so outdated, ye basic checks but wont allow you to do much at all

& also if counterfeit, real good advice, they use old outdated software, dont allow access to all modules, go wrong easily & can possibly cause issues with car modules, so in end a £60 lead costs you alot more money & no doubt RT will stop illegal leads from being used, so is it really cheap & worthwhile???

If you're considering buying then go genuine, yes I have offered a group buy but no profit in it for me as you can easily find out yourself, just helping others get the cable etc easier & in one place & fedup seeing counterfeits on market.

If you promote counterfeits the Thread will be closed as they are cracking down on these things now & justifyably so, after all its there bread & butter at RT

Compare, Audi's 5051/52 is £5k, RT's tool £230ish, urrrm :think:
What does this lead do exactly and do you have to have laptop or something?

sorry about the daft q's
calm down dear,

yes the ross tech lead is best and will be future proof (ish) and allows you to use the latest software for you new car.

however the cheap leads work with older versions of vag com, and are supported by vagcom - they would not sell licences for older versions stating they work with 3rd party leads, would they.

it is still giving them their 'bread and butter' and is cheaper as they are not longer doing any development on the old versions.

it depends what you want - its easier to recover the £60 than the 200+ you are talking about, at the end of the day its software for a car, i may not have a car that works with it next time.

nice to have if you can afford it.

but there is no counterfeit advice in my post
I bought a "counterfeit" lead from ebay - it is the one with the buffering in it so it cost about 30 quid (not the cheapest) and it has worked fine with my a4 and a6 over the last few years. A demo copy of vag-com will come with it usually and it will allow you to see all the error codes and do basic resets and module programming... though with the latter be very careful about what you are doing.

PM me if you're still interested and I'll see if I can't dig out the seller's ID - won't post it on here as I'm not in the habit of advertising for someone else.
Ah - it was ross-tech I got it from about 2 years ago... that answers that one :)

Hex can usb lead.

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