boot wont shut


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Oct 14, 2007
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the wife put something in the boot and drove to work, once at work she opened the boot, removed item and closed boot lid but it wouldnt close.

once i got home i had a look at it, stripped it down and found that the central locking device has a long arm on it which was holding the catch open, fiddled about with it for a while but ended up just removing the arm so i could just use the lock manualy.
now i have to use the key to open boot lid every time.

has anyone come across anything similar before, is it just a new central locking device needed in the boot or is it more than this?
does it have an electronic pop?

If so i presume the rod you removed connects to a solenoid. I guess you need to work out if the solenoid is always on, or if its just jammed...
Hi, I had a similar problem, and changed the actuator. Others have stripped and lubricated actuators successfully. From memory the part was about £27, fitting was straightforward and took about 20 minutes. Ian
cheers hotglove,
its still disconnected and using it manually, hadnt had chance yet but now youve reminded me i will get it sorted.
you dont happen to have the part number do you?