1.8T 163 remaps



hey guys, all but decided to go to custom code for my remap as ive heard their remaps dont feel so aggressive as most but tend to give you the most out of each gear, which is exactly what i want, but could anyone else tell me if theyve had theyre (163) done there and what were the final horse power figures as they only show the remapped figures for the (150) versions:unsure: unless im blind :shrug:
cheers guys
You should get around 40bhp extra. Trust me you will be grinning from ear to ear on your way home.

Just be prepared to change and retighten all turbo pipe clamps and replace the N75 and DV in the not so distant future when they fail, all cheap easy diy fixes. Well worth the hassle though!
the final figures for the 150 and 163 engines will be the same, as the engines are pretty much identical, the 163 just runs slightly more boost from the factory. The 190hp engine has a larger turbo, and therefore can make more power with a remap.
nice one guys just gotta book it in now:yes:
Hi Demon,

I see your based in Wolverhampton, where will you get it done? I would recommend Midland VW at Cannock as I had mine Custom Coded there and they were very good, they taylor it specifically to your car to get the best from it (which I'm sure all Custom Code installers do).

Mines a 190 but now prob around 220-230. As you say Custom Code maps are smooth as I didn't want to have something that made it feel mapped in general driving but the powers there when you want it.

You'll find fuel consumption about the same if not slightly better in general driving once you get over the initial fun of using the extra power all the time.

just interested how much does a remap cost?
Hi Tom,

Custom Code phase one map is £380 + VAT but there is currently a 30% discount offer at Midland VW (which has been running for ages) which may be available through other Custom Code agents.

So your final figure with this offer would be around £305.90 INC VAT

I think Revo is around £349 + VAT but if you go to Stealth Racing in Southam Warwickshire (or any other Revo agent) I think you can have a 7 hour trial for free that then reverts back to standard so you can try before you buy. That's 7 hours driving time i.e. if you drove for an hour a day it would last 7 days.

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