I Think im gunna Cry Advice Needed Please


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Dec 20, 2008
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:sob:My Baby has Died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First we thought head gasket. No problem pulled the head off sent off for skimming but it seems its the pistons! i dont know the full details as my machanic is sorting it out! But he is unable to give me a price yet.

Any ideas how much this is going to cost me as i cannot seem to get another engine!

The car is in bits already so labour for taking the engine apart and putting back together should not be taken into account mainly just parts and labour from takin the head off onwards if that makes sence.

Any advice greatly appriciated!
what were the symptoms?? was the oil like mayoniese? Mine is in for the same thing at the moment, they reckon its a oil cooler coz it dosent overheat, however im not convinced I think its a head gasket or worse.. Did it smoke before this? knocking?
Dont know how to explain really yeh mayanasy at the top of camshaft housing but that didnt really make a dif. The main thing is it blew one of my spark plugs severly and i replaced them just to get me to work! then i had a massive los of power as if it was on limp mode or sumin no knocking but a very horrible sound! and yes it did smoke but thats just oil gettin on pistons but yeh. The whole ting is doin my head intoday so ill be able to talk more technical tomorrow when i dont want to go hit it with a f'in sledge hammer! Its just a good job im in the trade i am cz so many people would pay way too much for this ****!
i know you must be well pee'd off at the moment, I am aswell, Ive only drove mine 500kms since i've had it and its been in the garage ever since.. the list is like a audi parts book honestly.

Let us know how you get on bud!
Any update on this???

Where do you work by the way??
Right i know exactly what the problem is now.

Valve guides had gone so i have sent the head off to be redone. It came back with advice. (unfortuantly i cannot take this advice) Put head on and sell as although the guides had gone it wasnt the whole problem. After closely inspecting the bores and pistons. Port 4 piston ring has gone! Excesive movement in this alowing oil up also!. so i have a few choices. 1. New Block (well second hand but new to me) drop it in and hope its ok! 2. Maybe 1.8 turbo it but then i have alot of work and money! 3 Drop the Block out and get the rings done which is a rebuild!

I think option 3 is the best option. Luckily the bores dont seem to be scored anyway so doesnt look like im gunna be on here for a couple of months till i can afford to get it done. But my friend has gave me his cough cough ROVER 416 to drive until its done :sob: such a difference in cars i feel embarrased to drive it but its better than walking! and atleast when its done ive got years left on my engine!

I work for www.onlineautomotive.co.uk by the way! but my machanic lives across the road so with alot of discussion this seems to be my best option! any other opinions greatfully recieved

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