How to wire up 2 subs to one amp?


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Apr 16, 2003
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If both the subs are single voice coil 4 ohm impedance then just wire them in parallel to the mono amp, which will give you a 2 ohm load and thus 550wrms shared between the 2 which is the most efficient use of the available power. To wire them in parallel connect the +ve's from both subs to the +ve output on the amp, and both -ve's to the -ve output fom the amp.
If the subs are dual voice coil then it'll depend on te impedance rating as to ho to wire them. i.e. if the 10" sub is dual 4 ohm then I'd personally ditch the 12" one and wire the 2 VC's on the 10" in parallel and drive it on its own as a 2ohm load.
Thanks AndyMac damn i think they are dual the 10" is a type r and the 12" type s. :keule::keule::keule:

ive just wired up the 12" for the 1st time and i like the deep sound of the 12" dying to try out what they both sound like :jump: but waiting for your advice. the type r 10" is a better made sub, but doesnt sound as deep.

ive had the 10" for a while and managed to pick up the 12" for a price i couldnt refuse

i dont drive the sound up too hard for too long at all. just hope there is a way to work something out.

thanks again
As already said wiring them in parallel is the only option, although obviously you'll have no control of the settings for each individual sub and as they are different models this is not ideal.
Thanks Andy for your reply as long as i cant do any damage as my subs are dual voice coil, im interested to see what it sounds like.
If they are dual voice coil then you need to let us know what impedance (per VC) as you could damage the amp if not done correctly.