What amp to easily power 2x10" subs?

Oct 18, 2006
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Hi all, just a quick question really as I don't know much about sound systems.

I've got 2 x 10" subs in a sealed box, which are currently being powered by this amp:

The 2 subs are these:

They seem to work 'ok' but I noticed that when I disconnect one of the subs, the quality of bass I get out of the remaining sub is better [it sounds more bassy / less distorted / more powerful].

I read a bit on Class D amplifiers and it sounds like I need a Class D instead of what I've got already as I only need to power the 2 subs from an amp].

Can someone advise me as to what type of amp I should buy please?

Thanks! :happy:
Its been quite a while since Ive had a half decent install in my car but one thing I will say is there is absolutely no way that you can get 1500w out of an amp that costs £120! That will be the peak power and the RMS will be a fraction of that power output, then add on top that youve probably doubled the ohms and therefore halfed the output the subs wont be getting enough juice basically.

Go for a dedicated car audio brand, JL, Kicker even Alpine will all give you much better power and quality.

Just had a quick look and something like this should give you a bit more in all departments http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/kicker-zx5001-p-6512.html?cadid=g36n7crc49k8vmgmeodev4loa3
that amps isnt one i would reccomend but it will do what is needed

the class d amps are more efficient than normal a/b
but you dont need anything like that amount of power to run those subs properly

they would be fine on the end of the amp you allready have

in reality the amp depending on how you have connected the sub up to it
will be putting out somewhere in the region of 500 wrms total
which is ample for those subs