engine on its way ..know the box .anyone done a 6 speed conversion


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Dec 14, 2008
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a4 2002 163t sport 2wd 5 speed ..has anyone changed or now wots needed for 6 speed box to go in...answers on a postcard:sob:
Yes, the A4 FWD was also available as a 6-speed.
I'd also like to know if it's an easy swap. My box has done 150k but I have just had my engine rebuilt and it would be nice to get a nice new 6 speed box too.

I did a B5 chassis, assuming its much the same, you will need the gear linkage, driveshafts for the 6 speed as they are 130mm flanged units,you may then need to change the hubs as the hub flanges could be different (they were on the B5).

Also the subframe or gearbox mount will need moddifying to suit as the 6 speeders have the donut mount on both sides
sounds easy ..sit in a supermarket car park ..wait for some auld dude getting in there 6 speed audi a4 ..offer them a murry mint ..steal the car ..and then strip it :meeting:
xmas eve..guess wot iam doing?? yes putting my new engine in the a4 ,,will take a couple of days out and get all yhe wiring and pipes on at the weekend,,,hope u have a good xmas :beerchug: