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Sep 12, 2008
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Hi all,

I got in my S3 last night to go to the cinema and once I'd reversed off the drive I noticed my engine warning light was on...

My Dads got an A4 1.8T and suggested to check the obvious as in oil, water etc, but surely if it was those their own light would appear wouldn't it?

Upon inspecting the oil today, it is sitting between C & B on the gauge, so could do with a top-up, but does anybody suspect it could be something deeper?

The car seems to drive the same as it did the day I collected it, and that was 2 months or so ago, and I haven't had any problems to note with it at all.

MAF sensor crops up alot with 1.8T engines when I read about common faults, sould this be possible?

Any ideas?

Thanks :)
Hi all,
My Dads got an A4 1.8T and suggested to check the obvious as in oil, water etc, but surely if it was those their own light would appear wouldn't it?


The easiest way to find out is to get it plugged into a vag com and you will find the problem
Cheers Ben :)

Going to arrange to book it in somewhere with a computer so I can diagnose what the issue is
Could well be a faulty MAF but you should be noticing a slight lack of power if it were??? VAGcom is your best bet.
Theres a thread at the top of the 8l section which lists all the memebers with vag-com. Someone will scan it for you for a beer and you will have a much better idea of the problem.

Im in leeds and have a registered vag-com if thats of any use.
Did you buy the car from a dealer? If so Id take it back as it should still be under warranty
It could be a number of things but before you pay for a diagnostic I'd do a visual check on all the hoses/breather pipes. I had a engine light on mine come up. Turned out there was a massive split in the top oil breather pipe(A common fault if you look elsewhere on the forum). It was making the car run lean as the maf couldn't get a true reading and was affecting fuelling. May be something completely different but worth a look anyway for the time it takes to take the engine cover off.
Thanks everyone, much appreciated!

I bought the car privately, but where my Dad works they have a computer which I can check it on, so booked it in a week Monday. Between now and then however, thanks to Nick, I shall have a good look around and check to see if anything's not right, thats and interesting message you wrote so thanks :)

I think they charge me £25 for looking at the car on the computer, so that's not too hefty I thought...

I've been in an A3 1.8T Quattro and he had a faulty MAF, it was horrible, but mine isn't like that was, so will have to wait and see.

Thanks for the advice everyone!
Hi all,

Car is due in tomorrow for a run-down on the computer to see if the problem can be identified...however I have noticed something in particular.

This happened a couple of times before the light came on, and has done it a few more times since coming on...if I start the car cold, then drive 10 mins or so then get out at my gf's house to pick her up, then go to start up again, it struggles quite badly to even start.

It eventually starts then the revs sit at about 1200rpm. It also happened today when I went to put some petorl in. Garage is 5 mins or so down the road, so started up cold, was fine. Got the garage, fulled up, went to start up and hey...struggles like **** and eventually starts, with revs sitting quite high around 1200rpm again.

Not sure if it's linked to the warning light problem, but seems to be a coincidence it's done it more lately and moreso since the light came on?

Will wait and see what's said tomorrow :)
Just an update, it appears that the temperature switch is faulty following the diagnostic run on the computer.

Parts on order tonight for repair tomorrow wohooo

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