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Defo worth the wait :)
Apr 9, 2006
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Anyone got the Beta version of it yet, if so what do you think??

I only found the code for it yesterday and downloaded it, its really impressive.

Also, just read just now that the full version is being released tomorrow.

If yuo dont know what it is, its basically a 3D environment that you ca go to and meet people, play bowling, pool, dance, music etc....
hahahah it was a RIGHT MESS last night with people hammering PSN!! up down up down... worse than recently ;)

I gave up about 2000hrs and hit the pub... in hindsight... I shoulda stayed in because Ive felt better than I do this morning
LOL...i tried last night/this morning at midnight for an hour and no joy at all ( i was dozing off in between) so that makes it ok, im not really that!!
If you want a good laugh... create a female avatar...

some blokes are really lame!! HHAHAHAH
i have been in and out of Home and cant really see much use to it unless your friends are online.

You should see the blokes stalk any female they find on it, and i mean stalk, like 5 or 6 guys all trying to talk to one girl *** grow kiddies
yeah, thats the one... its really quite sad... although I must admit.... I am a pretty hot bird! HAHAHAHAH I wish there was a kick in the nuts option...

or wait... I might be taking this too far! hAHAHAH
Noel, take it easy dude, you getting into this Home-O thing a bit too much lol....

I might have to meet you up in there one day, we can go bowling, play a bit of pool, do some shopping and even catch a film........depending on which character you!!!
HAHAAHh well look, if people see you hanging out with a hot bird... you'll be wayyyy cooler!!

Id probably suck at pool and bowling tho.. so Id have to use my mail character BWAHAHAHH
Either cool or a perv!!! LOL...

Hahaha, just make sure you change your name when you change to a male, dont want you bending over to take a shot and have some foreign object attacking you, coz someone hasnt checked twice to see if you are a male or female!!!

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