What load and speed rating on 1.8tQS tyres?


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Jul 28, 2008
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Am about to replace the pirelli 6000s on my car, they are at present: 225/45/17-91Y.

Am thinking about Bridgestone RE050 225/45/17-91W

Everyone has opinions on brands so that is not my question.

My question is does the lower speed rating (W) matter or do I need a Y rated tyre as it's available in both.

Also is the 91 load rating important on a quattro? Should I only get 91 rated tyres because of the quattros extra weight?

cheers in advance
Y = 186mph
W = a puny 168mph
So unless you're planning on caning it on the motorway at more than 168mph the W will be fine.
The load rating is really more to do with commercial vehicles. The extra few kilo's of the quattro system is neither here nor there, however if you regularly carry 3 fat yanks on the back seat then it may become an issue.
I'd like to see a fat yank squeeze themselves past the front seats to get in the back.

I find it tricky enough at >6ft & 12 stone!!!

the tyres load index translates to a weight in KGs:

As you can see 91 = 615KG.

This means that the maximum axle loading for your car, when fitted with 91 Load index tyres, is 1230kg. You need to compare the VIN plated "maximum axle weight" with this load index value, to ensure the tyres are legal. If your car was fitted with the aforementioned `91` tyres, and the axle loading was say 1300kg, then those tyres would technically be illegal, and if spotted by a jobsworth police officer they could technically fine you for them, even if your vehicle isnt loaded up to that weight.

I think 91 will be ok, but dont quote me on that, go check whats printed on the vin plate to be sure!
Wow what a comprehensive reply, thanks Aragorn.

I had no idea about the technicalities of load ratings. I'll have a look at the VIN plate tomorrow morning to check all is ok. As you say I doubt anyone would notice but now I know I may as well check.

As for that the speed rating I think I'll be ok with a W!!
Oh and thanks Andy Mac for the speed ratings. Brilliant site this, someone always knows the answer!
James, sorry to deviate here - you wouldn't fancy making me a banner like you've done on your sig?
get the highest you can for the moeny you are spending
and ditch those P6000....they are the worst tyres in history IMO!
I'm going to go for the Y rated tyres as they are only a few quid more, will get the best I can and not scrimp on tyres.

Yeah the P6000s are dire, looking forward to changing them.

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PM sent Siena, will try and do something special for you.

Mine still needs work, but they were the only pics I had to hand and it took me about 5 minutes.