A6 TDi multitronic excessive MPG


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Nov 19, 2008
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Im only getting 36MPG from my 2003 1.9 TDi A6 multitronic avant 100k miles. Most of its time is spent on the motorway doing a steady 85 mph. Anyone else having this problem or is this the norm? Thinking of remapping/chipping which hopefully will improve things.
i reckon if you keep it to 80ish you will see things improve a little bit, but how smooth is your driving?
i get between 38 around town up to 47 on a long trip at around 70.(manual 5 speed)
if you get it chipped it will take you a long while to get your money back on fuel and you may well use more as you will be exploring the extra power more (i know)
Definitely a problem. don't remap until the problem is fixed. Could be a fuel timming problem. This can occur if the cambelt has not been chanaged properly. You can check timming using vagcom. I get 40mpg on my 2.5tdi at 80mph

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