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Jun 10, 2003
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Tried to access my windows live (hotmail) account and they've put an anti spam "type in the letters you see" front end on it. Trouble is the letters are completely unreadable no matter how many refreshes you try and the play audio doesn't work at all.
Here's one below, can anyone read it?

The biggest joke is that they then give you an email address to contact if you are having problems with logging in. How? I can't get into my account.
That's a good effort karl, but to be fair I can see where Andy's coming from...

That is a little too convoluted to be useful in the majority of cases... I'm both surprised and not that MS haven't realised that...


No, I'll agree it's not the easiest to read and I did have to study it for a few minutes. And the "I" could possibly be a "1".

I've seen similar security measures on other applications before, but not as garbled as that.
The problem is the captcha systems have been cracked to a degree for a while now so they have to make them even more unreadable, problem is as Rob says there's upto a point where we cant read them either, lol
And that was one of the more legible ones!
They can make it totally illegible as long as you can play the audio, that's what's frustrating. I got there in the end with wild stabs in the dark....
i had this trouble the other day when trying to get windows update for my vista pc. same thing.. Audio didnt work and i tryed loads of times refreshing it. gave up in the end!
you think thats bad. Its even worse if you are trying to read them off your mobile running windows......need a kin magifying glass.

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