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Oct 23, 2008
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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum, and need some help. I've got a 03 a4 1.8t that won't start. I plugged in my obd II code reader and got p0688. I checked for spark and there was no spark..I checked for fuel and its got that.. So I went underhood opened up the box where the ecu sits and replaced the relay with 219 written on it, because according to what I've looked up p0688 refers to that circuit... Still nothing.. the car turns over but won't fire up. So after further homework I saw that the connectors from the main harness to the coilpacks were looking terrible, when i opened up the rubber boot going to the connector, all the wires inside were frayed and green (should be copper not corroded right?). Now my question is this, I'm assuming I need to replace the engine harness going to the coils.. Is this the solution or is there another common sensor that'll cause this problem? I was thinking crank sensor maybe but then I should get that fault code.. which I'm not:banghead::banghead: Really need help. thanks.
That DTC is not a genuine audi code mate, its the nearest thing a handheld generic obd will come up with, its related to that relay you mentioned, but seems to be a fault with the ignition switch, a faulty battery or the relay itself, or the electronic throttle (dbw) system. Some one else had the same code and symptoms got it repaired by audi and was that relay (power control relay) and a the engine speed sensor near the oil filter? Heres the post:


hope you get it sorted, its a shame you didnt have vag com as it would give the real code. pxxxxx is powertrain etc - heres the bentley list of audi dtc's and youll see theres no p0688:


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