a4 b6 tdi oil problem


a41.9tdi/zenons/s line kit/rs4 rims/eibach springs
Sep 30, 2006
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Hi all
I've got a bit of a problem , i'm using oil , i topped it up to spot on maxium i've done 305 miles and it's on minimum again ive checked the following
1) no oil leaks on engine
2) coolant still on max + normal colour
3) no visible blue smoke on tic over ( hav'nt tested on boost )
4) i have taken the intake pipe off the turbo and there is about 2mm play on the impellor is this normal ?
Do i need a turbo or does anyone else have any others ideas .
cheers all scott:keule:
Mate, I hate to say it, but I think you turbo is goosed. When there is play in the bearing, which is phosphor bronze, (not a roller bearing like Garrett T series etc) then the turbo oil feed can get pulled into the pressure turbine and burned. There should be no play at the impeller at all, I had to change the old man's frontera tdi turbo for exactly the same reason, oil disappearing, no real smoke to notice, play in the impeller, etc etc.

When we pulled the boost pipe off the turbo the oil was coating the insides of the pipe and was slowly filling up the intercooler! Thats why it wasnt burning it off yet, the intercooler wasnt full, but less and less area was available for cooling the charge so the oil was just clogging it, probably partly burning too. The power was slightly dropping off constantly over time, thats what prompted him to look at it, that and the vanishing oil levels.

I still have the dead turbo in the house, planning to make a gas-turbine jet engine out of it sometime, I love fecking about with turbines - wee hobby :)

The bearing is a press-fit PB type so im drilling it out and replacing it with high temp roller or ball bearings before using it again, but thats not a route you should take when its your daily transport obviously, try a breakers for one with no play and see if you can get it swapped over cheaply. Its not that hard, we did his in the driveway. Lots of wd40 and good sockets / spanners :)
cheers for the reply evilscotsman .
yeah i thought it would probably be the turbo ,
just trying to sort the car out . i put a clutch in it last week , only took me 4.5 hours which i thought was good it needs discs and pads all round audi wanted £1048 + vat for the turbo which is painfull but i have no intensions of paying that anyway he he
i must get my *** in gear i think my oil consumption is over taking the fuel he he
1.5 litres in 400 miles is this normal he he
i think they should have oil on pump at the fuel station .
I think we paid about £65 for the used turbo from a breakers yard, you could try that or ebay for a used one. Seen some cheap ones get snapped up off a breaker car on ebay by other gas-turbine hobbyists so I know they can be had.

One guy got one for a dollar! If you have the KKK K03 turbo for instance, search ebay for that, and see what comes up? I dont know which turbine unit the tdi uses but it will be tiny so should be cheap as its no use as a power upgrade to anyone, just a spare part replacement if you think about it.

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