Problem: Rear Electric Windows


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Dec 15, 2007
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When I was looking for my A4 I spent ages looking for one that had all the extras I wanted. Including rear electric windows.... Now the ****** things dont work!!!

The button on the drivers door that locks / unlocks the rear windows will not unlock them anymore. I press the button, it clicks, then springs back up. If I hold this button down it unlocks the rear controls, but as soon as I let go it springs up again locking them off.

Any ideas?
Change the button.

Mine went bad. It would stay in position but the orange light was always on. Audi did mine under warranty. I'm pretty sure you can just change the button without having to buy the whole panel.

Thanks. Ill try to source one.
if its out of your pocket, just take of door panel, remove the switch pack, open the switch pack & I believe its either a broken plastic lug thats holds it down in position that superglue will easily fix or something has come out of position, of course if under warranty let the fecking stealers do it all minus the superglue
Ouch! Over £30 for a switch I dont use:wtf:
As said if you don't use it then simply override it and it'll cost £0.00