bargain Rs6 for sale

Hey, how's it going Matt?

WOW! £20.5k, that's a lot of car for the money Matt! I'm suprised it's not sold yet.

Market is a bit slow at the mo' for big CC cars, but I'm suprised no one's snapped this one up, it's pretty mint. I'm not familiar with RS6 prices, but yours in an awesome machine I'm sure of.

Goodluck with the sale mate.
thanks mate! I can do interest free credit for yourself? Terms are there is one payment tho, due on collection :think:
Hey mate, cant believe you still got this beast!!!

Seriously, if i had the money, I would snap this car up, after the drive we wnt out for, i was sold, over and over again!!!

This is a credit crunch offer of the year at this price....good luck with the sale, hope it works out for you....
cheers mate, i just dont know whats wrong with everyone, maybe it is to cheap and thats the problem? Wish it was this price when i brought the thing, could of got me a nice S3 to play in aswell with what i would of saved:yum: now losing:faint:
Times are very hard at the mo, but im sure if there will be someone looking for a bargain, someones loss is always going to be someone elses gain...
Um Hello! Has everyone around here got mental isues? I mean really, This motor is the cheapest motor around with simular mileage, let alone the massive spec and engine work on this car!

O and i say that, but no stupid P.X's, done well today! Had 12 different offers with P.X's but all daft!

SO IF YOU HAVE A P.X! Please dont contact me unless your preparied to take at least £500-£1000 below book price on your P.X!

THE REASON! I dont want a P.X (unless works for me! ) Because if i take your P.X as part payment for the RS6, then i need to sell this on to the next person who will try to knock me down on price etc, And as the RS6 is a a rock bottom price already, then the money will need to be taken off the P.X, SIMPLE !
SOLD! come on the new motor, jojo and nilz i will let you know when the new beast lands! happy for ya mate!!!

Bring on the new BEAST from the EAST, let us know how it goes.

Hopefully you got a good price for it, was it sold locally??
Na crap price, but gone to a good home! Only gone to earlswood so guess we will see it around near us. The wheels are now silver so keep your eye out for it.

The new beast from the east fell through on the day of pick up! ( the guy i was buying off was a right penis and i lost my cool with him) On the look out for another one at the moment. Got my eyes on one that was sumo powers demo car. Over 800BHP and running in the 9's down the quarter :uhm: Just need him to play ball on my price offer!
Oh man, gutted about the price and the car you were after, but hey maybe you night get the car you are after in the end....

Let us know how you get on mate.