A6 2.4 Keeps stalling


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Sep 8, 2008
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I just got the A6, my girlfriends brother owned it and had not driven it in about a year.

It keeps stalling at low revs like under 1k.

I have an autospark looking at it at the moment and he cant seem to figure out whats wrong, he suggests that the throttle body may need replaced.

what do yuo guys think?
Do the revs dip down and then rise back to normal tickover?

If so whip the filter out and give the MAF sensor a good going over with an electrical contact cleaner aerosol. Leave it to dry out fully before running the car again. You may fins this cures the problem as it did on my old A4
naw it stalls completely at low revs

so driving along and go to turn round a corner put the clutch in to change gear slow down and it stalls, steering wheel locks...... disaster!

It may be the throttle body, but what would go wrong with it to mean that it keeps stalling a low revs in first gear?
if it is otherwise 'driveable' i think you might have an airleak so check all airhoses, especially between the airbox and cam cover.
i had the same thing, had the throttle body cleaned and it's back to normal
i think the prob was caused by leaking exhaust making it overfuel?