Measuring blocks??

Lee Goodall

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Oct 22, 2007
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UK - Midlands
On my 1996 A4 (AEB engine) I can't find a measuring block 32 in engine electrics?

I can read from block 0 to 28 (around 28?) but no higher.. is this due to the older type ECU that the 96 A4 used and if so which block is the equivalent to 32/fuel trim?

Have you got a genuine cable? If its not, you can't register it and you will be limited to which blocks you can use.

30 - 32 are to do with fuel trim. I don't know why you would have trouble connecting if its genuine
I'm using a hand held VAG scanner (not a cheap one) and all the other functions work fine? It has most of the features that VAG.COM has.

I can read all of the other measuring blocks ok.

How are the figures displayed for fuel trim?

I'll have another look to see if I can figure it out and report back.

Thanks a lot for your help.
The factory repair manual does give you a list of supported measuring blocks as well as a description of their meaning. Current versions of VCDS also come with proper label files displaying the same type of information in the software right when looking at the individual data. As Byzan already wrote, the AEB does not use the standardized measuring block scheme known from later models.