A3 - Torn engine splash guard


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Nov 15, 2004
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Sunday Morning I reversed off 'the grassy bank' at my folks house and heard this graunching noise.
Upon inspection I found I'd managed to rip and bend back part of the plastic that sits at the underside of the front of the vehicle below the engine. :sob:

I've no idea what this is called but I'm guessing this is to keep water away from the engine. I got some industrial strength tape and stuck it back together so it's not urgent but does anyone know what sort of costs are involved in getting it replaced?

If it's the middle sump guard section then it's about £15-£20 IIRC and your dealer usually has them in stock.
Dieselgeek do a range of stainless steel ones that look smart and do the job, however are £200ish, have a look at their site. I know ECS tuning did a carbon fibre one. However I am unable to find ones for the A3 only TT or Golfs. So if anyone knows ofmwhere to get them it would be appreciated.
Of all the things worth upgrading on a car I'd imagine that particular part has to be so far on the bottom of the list, it's not even on the list, along with a carbon fibre fuel tank and platinum sump plug.
lol @ AndyMac

mine isn't even there on the car. it's sitting in the garage
My mechanic calls that a '****-shield' because all it does is stop crap off the road going up into your engine bay. It doesn't offer your sump much protection at all anyway. Mine came off about 6 months ago and I've not bothered replacing it.

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