6 Speed Gearbox to fit 1.8T AEB engine

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I'm looking to build a trackday car similar to a LMP style car and plan to use an AEB engine from either an A4 or Passat.

As far as I can tell these have 5 speed gearboxes fitted but i'd like to fit a 6 speed. Westfield used the 1.8T in their XTR4 and fitted a 6 speed box, (pictures below) Can anyone help identify the gearbox code I should be looking for to bolt up to the AEB block?


6 Speed box in XTR4


5 Speed AEB box


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any Audi inline 6 speed box will fit, the bellhousings are common, but most of the FWD ones are from diesels and so the ratios will probably be a bit odd for a petrol...


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The later B6 model 1.8T's have six speed boxes iirc ??


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I have been looking as this aswell, found some good info on gear ratios on one of the GT40 websites but cant find it now. It would appear though that all Audi engines share the same bell housing pattern, one person even quoting 'Audi have never changed their bellhousing fittment'. And the porsch Boxter gearbox is reported to fit also.

From the B7 they changed the gearbox design and flywheel so that the front diff is infront of the flywheel and the driveshafts are moved forward quite considrably. This gearbox will also fit with a flywheel to suit but some older engine blocks need some modifications to allow the diff to sit where it does. This gearbox also has the starter built onto it and not on the engine as the ring gear ends up being about 6 inches away from the gearbox mounting face.

I'm looking at putting the S4 engine in the back of a rear engined car, its been done to an Elise and a V8 has been put into an MR2 by Woodsport, they used a B6 2.0 petrol gearbox but as for which model I dont know, whatever B6 2.0 has 6 speeds I guess.

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I would be interested in this as my 2nd gear syncro is showing signs of age now. Might be worth swapping to a 6 speed box rather than just get my current 5 speeder rebuilt