5x120 on Audi A3 ?


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Hi guys,

Found a set of bbs rims i wanted for my Audi turns out they were on a BMW so they would have the 5x120 fitting compared to audis 5x112.

To be honest i am a noob to rims and have no clue what the difference is, if someone can explain what the difference is and why it won't fit or if it will?

Kindest regards,

Yusuf Ali


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Here’s an explanationhttps://www.google.co.uk/search?saf.......1..41j46._kPIcF5BnK4#imgrc=H3wdnLPoeRXJHM:
I also advise you buy OE Audi, VW, SEAT, Skoda wheels or other premium brands such as BBS, Team Dynamics etc. They are less likely to corrode or paint problems down the line. Don’t forget other sizing requirements such as rim width, ET offset, Centre bore diameter when buying, I’ll let you google those terms and learn what they mean, if you’re still confused come back here and ask away.


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Basically, you need 5x112. The holes for the 5x120 will be in the wrong place to fit your hub.