5th Gear CH5 test S3 shortly...

Come off it!!

Its not going to be a test is it. You may get Tiff or Plato racing it round a greyhound track or maybe that fat one seeing how fast it can go in reverse gear. Or even VBH racing it against a top fuel Sinclair C5.

The day 5th Gear properly test a car is the day Pamela Anderson asks me to be her husband.


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Anyone else think that 5 gear now is utter poo. I sky + it all and fast forward everything except the actual car reviews. Who is that wooden twat that co hosts?


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Hmmm. Just watched it. Lots of expectation....



...and an empty track, lot of welly and not one word about the cars performance, handling, price, flared arches (not), steering, price, seats, etc.

I will say that despite a serious lot of welly, the overall impression of the S3 is that it seemed very level despite being thrown into a lot of fast corners (from an outside view looking on). It definately does make me want to have the Sprint Blue! Good job that's the one I ordered. Not so sure Tiff was exactly helping the image of a 155MPH hot hatch. Do we all drive like that normally in our S3's now :-D

Oh well perhaps its best being out on a circuit on its own?


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d3fy said:
Anyone else think that 5 gear now is utter poo. I sky + it all and fast forward everything except the actual car reviews. Who is that wooden twat that co hosts?

He does soccer AM too. He is quite funny as a footie guy, but not when it comes to cars.

Would somebody tell me what going on with the roadside cafe style of the studio? Is it supposed to be cool to run your TV show from out of a shop? Beats me what was wrong with just showing cars...

I have a TiVo and perform exactly the same thing, simply fast forwarding through the adverts and the cafe style presenter twaddle...


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yeah thank god for sky+ took 3-4 minutes to watch the best bits.


Agree - show has gone down hill, and the S3 feature was a bit, well naff, but I thought the car looked pretty good even when he was trying to throw it out of shape..... and was he just unsettling it, or did there seem to be a bit of life in the back end????
Confirmed i'd made the right choice with sprint blue too! Love it if I one the comp.......!


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yes the car looked good - especially in that colour. wish they'd get rid of those 2 muppets that present it tho. dont like the cafe format either. perhaps they could film it from inside her mouth, it looks big enough.


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Hmm...lts of tyre squeal...
The only way Tiff got it sidewards was with the handbrake, judging by the rear wheels almost locked!

Looks like another missed opportunity to me...lets hope I'm proved wrong.
That 'cafe' just happens to be the most famous biker cafe in England if not the world, its been open since the 50's. Not that most car fans would know because they are obviously not bikers.

Anyway Tim Lovejoy presents Soccer AM and knows a lot more about football than cars. I think they have chosen him so he can appeal to the footy fans / boy racers / expensive car but pikey swine out there. Funny thing is no one off Audi Sport-net Knows who he is. So Channel 5 has made a great choice from the start!!!!

So apart from that they are doooomed from the outset.

By the way the S3 looked really tramlined on that track with Tiff. No active yaw no Japanese wizadry no nothing!

Prehaps the Germans are sticking to tried and tested too much.


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john2garden said:
That 'cafe' just happens to be the most famous biker cafe in England if not the world, its been open since the 50's.

From their web site:

The Ace Cafe was built in 1938 as a roadside cafe to cater for traffic, particularly hauliers, using the new North Circular Road.
With its proximity to Britain´s then new and fast arterial road network and being open 24 hours, the Ace Cafe soon attracted motorcyclists.

In world war two, the building was badly damaged during an air raid on the adjacent railway marshalling yards.

The Ace Cafe was reopened in temporary accommodation and subsequently rebuilt in 1949

For more info: http://www.ace-cafe-london.com/f1.htm


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Been to the Ace Cafe and on the right night it's great. They have lots of events and even do a German performance car meet...

On the S3, I actually thought it got involved in a lot understeer, Tiff was having to apply a lot of lock to get through corners fast imo!


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Fifth Gear is lame. Where are my old tapes of Pulling Power?


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d3fy said:
Anyone else think that 5 gear now is utter poo....
Yes, it is indeed, utter ****.

'Fifth Gear' has always been a pathetic feeble imitation of 'Top Gear', and always will be. Even the name is out of date, since most new cars have 6 speed boxes now !

And that idiot 'Toss Needell' is really becoming very tiresome. Unless a car has a BMW badge on it, or he can produce clouds of black smoke from the rear tyres, he doesn't like it !


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And I take it everyone entered the comp to win the S3! Well worth the 1 pound text!!


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5th gear has been Bank for a while. Since Top Gear got its new format a couple of years ago. They've [5th gear] tried to adapt, by trying to get funky with some trendy road-side caf', mulitple presenters - but its still Bank.

IMO Tiff and Jason Plato are the best parts of the show. They are both racing drivers, speak their opinion and can really drive the cars. Who really fancies that Vickie? I don't - she's too much like a bloke IMO.

But they will never match the humour and continually superb content of Top Gear. Top Gear really is the best show on TV, IMO. I know Richard Hammond must have time to recover from his accident, but...I can't wait till it returns. Hurry up Hamster, we need you guys back!!!

But getting onto the S3 featured on 5th gear...

I was disappointed that it wasn't a proper review. Why didn't Tiff chat about the car? But I'm impressed by the look of it around the track - it looks better on the move. Even though its wheel arches aren't flared, from some angles they do look as if they are.

I'm getting more convinced day by day.



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Missed this

Wouldn't mind seeing the S3 in action

Is it repeated later in the week quite late on??

anybody know




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^ As soon as I get my other PC fixed this week I will change my PVR recording to DivX and PM you (unless we can host it on here somewhere).


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Not much about the car, but the S3 section is on YouTube, try searching (I can't post a direct URL as I've not made 2 posts yet!) I got it with "S3 fifth gear".


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Cheers guys

I'll do that.