Air induction Kit

Stevie C

Stevie C
Mar 18, 2008
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Hi all, I have a 140bhp TDI that has been REVO'd and running a full jetex system.

I am now looking for just that little bit more by means of a good Air induction Kit, I see K&N do a 57i kit has anyone got one fitted? have you noticed an improvement and or can anyone suggest a better product if there is one for the same sort of money. grateful for your veiws...
Yep would also be interested if a panel filter (knw a few people have done this) or induction kit makes any difference on a 140.......
it'll make a slight difference to responsiveness and induction noise, but over the noise of the diesel engine, you won't hear it!
Does anyone have an iduction kit fitted? if so what type/brand? i have seen some 57i kits new on the bay going for around £10 - £15 cheaper than from Motor Accessories stores!