Struggling to sell the 190


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Jan 6, 2007
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Just a quick update - cars been in the local autotrader for 3 weeks including web coverage and on ebay twice but still have her. Market a bit slow I believe due to the credit crunch but I would have thought she would have gone by now.

Im even prepared to let her go for £6,500 no offers but even thats not attracting people. Whats going on
I think anyone trying to sell anything at the moment is struggling as there is so much uncertainty in income/price/interest rates/inflation etc.

Good luck with it!
Have you got it on pistonheads? Autotrader didn't work for me, but PH did the business.
Don't get down hearted............... and don't give it away!!

I was selling my A4 at the same time, was on eBay and piston heads and it didn't sell off there, put it on Autotrader and had no calls for a week, then for some strange reason the phone never stopped ringing, first person to view bought it!!

Stick with it, and good luck.
yes, as above - stick with it.
I am shocked though at just how much the value of cars has dropped! I thought I got a read steal when buying my car 4-months ago for 5900. However, I looked the other day and it would seem you can get the same car for 5,000 now!

Hang in there, but - may only get worse! I'm guessing you are in a bad position as you have found the X5 you want?
Thanks guys. I am feeling a little down but hey worse case scenario il px the car. I would have preferred to sell the car to someone who would have appreciated it - i'll look into pistonheads and yes will keep fingers crossed for that illusive telephone call from a potential buyer - you never know
Have you got a link to it. I'm looking for a B6 A4 1.8t
Thanks for the link, nice car and nearly what i'm after. Think i'd like the quattro tho and with a few less miles. prob around the 60k mark.
Well today i put some 'for sale' signs on car and drove it around and I was stopped 4 times by drivers interested in my car, had 11 telephone calls and couple of lads are coming to view it tmrw - thumbs up to free advertising...
Thanks for the link, nice car and nearly what i'm after. Think i'd like the quattro tho and with a few less miles. prob around the 60k mark.

Theres always a debate on whether to opt for quattro or front wheel drive, when i was shopping for the 190 I found the quattro to be heavier and slower (my opinion) plus the mileage on my 190 was 68k when i bought it so Ive done 13k in two years and it still drives like new - key is if its got a trackable service history which mine has. Are my sales tactics working....

Plus at £6,500 its a steal....
Ive been trying so sell My Sport Cab a couple of months now I started at £14K which taking in the high spec and low mileage was competitive to say the least ! As a pi$$ take I dropped the price on PH to £9.5K and still no calls !




The market is non existant at the moment Anyone selling a car is going to struggle So Pav if You can keep it do so ? Even if You PX it the price will still be extremely low !!!!
Hey J7USS you werent far off, Asda to be precise. You not stalking me now are you!

Blast i was gonna say ASDA aswell!lol....

Ive sold a few motors before with the signs in the Windows...just a shame I didnt spend my wasted money on the Trader, Leicester Mercury and Ebay first.:blush:

On the other hand hope you have had luck with the guys coming round!
Pav if it's still available I have a friend who's interested. But I couldn't find the link on eBay or the Trader?