Squeaky noise from engine on start up!...

Might be the acessory or the alternator belt giving away? Just a though.... is it a rubbery kind of squeak?

I have also notice a sound like that.I have lokated it to the front exhaust flex when it moves a bit. Thats on my car
Yeap... can be a bearing from one of the pulleys then... like the water pump as you referred....

Better check that out Andy. Let us know what you have found.

Mine does that. More like a metallic rattle sort of sound actually. It has done it from new. It hasn't gotten better or worse since I bought the car three and a half years ago. I believe it is just because of movement of the engine.
is this once the engine's started, or when it's turning over prior to starting?
My A3 used to squeak (like a bird chirping) when I turned it over, which made me suspect the starter motor.
No fault found, according to the dealer, which was evidently a case of their VAGCOM cancelling out the mechanic's hearing.
I have also notice a sound like that.I have lokated it to the front exhaust flex when it moves a bit. Thats on my car

Could it be your Milltek then - especialy if you haven't fitted the recommended uprated mounts ..... ?
Anyone else had this? I think it's the water pump or the power steering pump going, hope thats under warranty!!!!!!

Andy i had a squeaky sound coming from mine also... Upon start up... then after its warmed up it would go... booked it in to Audi and the said it was a faulty pully. Replaced the pullies and the cambelt (so they say) but after afew days sound came back... not as bad as before but i've booked it back again.
All covered under warranty never the less.
Just give them a call and get them to have a look.
Mine does this too for the first half a mile maybe, im not too worried about it tbh it'll just be something warming up like and exhaust rubber or pully as stated.
Mine does it too, when its cold, goes after about a minute of idling..
Good luck with it Andy. Get her in ship shape for the trip ;)

P.S. what mods have you got to get 328.5bhp! Add them to your signature :)
Right all 3 things changed, I asked which one it was and the answer?

"Not sure but its ok now"

No do I have a right to know as it may be a common problem.
Just had my water pump replaced going to pick up later on.... and its only because i mentioned your problem Andy that they looked into it.

Week or so ago it was booked in and they changed cambelt, all the pulleys and tensioners... but obviously problem was still there.

Anyways all sorted now... plus had a sweet A3 1.8T Sportback S-line... in black with red leathers as a courtesy car since monday. :happy:
I love Audi warranty.