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Jun 2, 2008
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Hi All,

I was hoping to get REVO put onto my 1999 S4 B5. its on 125K and i have been advised by the REVO dealer not to do it as i will have loads of problems such as burst pipes and leaks etc. I can understand about old pipes and the possibility of splitting and leaking (but they can be replaced)
Is this a reality? anyone here with an old, high mileage S4 who can advise?

Hi Rob, if you're willing to accept the fact that the car has relatively high mileage and certain parts are likely to require work/replacing then there's no issue with putting software on. My 63k 1999 S4 avant needed coolant temp sensor, exhaust, lambda probes, cam cover gaskets, MAF, DVs, prior to being done... not a problem as they're all comman to be expected faults. However the turbos on the S4 are also a common failure area, I would class them as a wear item and would expect to replace them on higher mileage cars at some point. Depending on the car they might be tipped over the edge by uprating the software... not a software fault but a common item to let go on the S4. I imagine this is why your Revo dealer was sceptical!
again as commented it is high miles but as a tuner they should have done safety checks for you before turning you away IMO.

MRC will give your car a health check and good one at that before they remap it so you as an owner should be happy and they are as well with going ahead with the remap.

It will also show you if there is any problems at present, which you might not know about that, will affect the way the car performance/reliability

remember remaps mean more boost so puts a lot more pressure on items.

give these guys a call http://www.mrctuning.com/

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