CD Changer... Will it work?


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Mar 28, 2007
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I have a A3 Quattro, 2002 with non BOSE concert HU and 6disc stock CD changer.

I'm considering fitting my old faithful Kenwood PS971MD HU but would like to retain the audi OE CD changer. The plugs look the same... but will it work?

I've got the matching kenwood changer, but its bigger and won't fit in the same location... I want to keep it neat!!

No, no aftermarket HU will work with the stock changer. There are adapters and gizmo's allowing you to run an aftermarket changer with the stock HU but nothing the other way round. Sell it on ebay and buy a decent mp3/CD changer. There are plenty that will fit in the stock location.
Why are you swapping the HU? You will be plagued with problems on the Bose system (interference/popping etc) and you won't benefit from any improved sound quality.
I wanted the extra controlability of the amps I'd get with my PS Kenwood HU. (EQ, Low Pass, High Pass etc)

Would I get problems even with the NON Bose system?

Besides, I wanted a good pre out source.

Would it be easy enough to take a preout from the concert HU upfront? Are there any adapters available so I don't have to do any hard wiring?

Thanks Andy.... you are the ICE oracle!!
You need to ditch the Bose amp, Bose speakers and the tupperware sub, then you won't have any problems. The problem trying to plug into the Bose system is that it's fully amped by a feeble 4 x 25w non standard Bose amp, with the sub having it's own 1 x 100w amp. If you feed the amp with front & rear RCA's you will get interference & popping when you change CD track etc, as it uses non standard filtering to accomodate the mickey mouse Audi lo level pre-out wiring.
Why do you want a good pre-out source if you're plugging it into the Bose system?
The Kenwood would not give you the controllability you're after as the Bose amp has it's own EQ built in which is tuned to the flat EQ of the OEM HU (when in Bose mode).
You can pick up the front & rear pre-outs from the stock system at the Bose amp, or if you are looking to add a proper sub then just use the Bose connector at the sub which has all the connections already there.
Sorry andy, I do not have the BOSE system.

I think i'll run the standard Hu and get a RCA adapter for the HU and run an amp for the rears and sub.

Can you recommend the best place to source an RCA adapter online?
Sorry, should have read the original post properly. With non Bose it's a lot easier as only the rears/sub run off the seperate amp and you shouldn't get the popping issue.
RCA adapter is:
But you can get them in Maplins as well (and some Halfords).
If you don't have the multicoloured pre-out/DIS/cd changer connector then you'll need this, in order to retain the changer/DIS functionality:
Or you can unpick the pins and swap them over.
If you are adding an amp then you can pick up the connections to the rears from the red plug going to the sub. Having said that you can pick up all the connections from the plug without fitting an RCA adapter and running RCA's, which is what I do whne fitting my stealth sub:
Bought a RCA harness, but sods law prevailed and I've found I have a one piece plug instead of the multicoloured pre-out/DIS/cd plug.

So I either need to buy the second adapter andymac mentioned or does anybody know where i can get hold of a pin extraction tool for the mini ISO connector so I can swap the pins over?

I've looked all over the web but can't find any answers!
ok time to throw a spanner in the works here
I had a kenwood music keg that would work with my old kenwood head unit and the Audi Concert to head unit with an Audi Phatbox cable. So a kenwood CD changer should work if you can get the pin outs correct. I bought a VW/Audi Phatbox before I found this out, so I kept the Audi system and sold on my Keg and KW headunit as a package.

However the phatbox system has software on board to program the radio radio type to the phatbox. that may be an issue with a standard CD Changer. IMHO cd chagers are dead. get an Ipod adaptor or a phatbox system (far better sound quality and upto 120GB of space.)

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