Need some decent brakes!


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Jul 28, 2006
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Virginia water, surrey
Need to upgrade my brakes urgently! Nearly killed myself the other nite with the standard ones!

Been pricing a few things up, i want a brand new kit so what are my options?
Brembo GT is 940 Inc Vat from Badger bill. 940 Is a bit much for me. so....

Where do i go to get the S3/R32 kit? My mum's brakes on her R32 seem to stop really well?

I changed my old A3 TDI's 288mm brake setup to the S3/TT's 312mm one, I think your 1.8T A3 has the same brake setup as my old diesel did

The caliper doesn't need to change as it's the same on the A3 & S3's but you will need the caliper carriers from a TT/S3 and new disks / pads

I got my carriers off another member who had upgraded his S3 to the brembo kit for about £50 and then got new disks and greenstuff pads from ebc for about £150 - £200
dave did quite alot of research into this just recently check his thread out.
I think Dave said the best set-up was black diamond discs and ferodo DS2500's. What i want to know is where do i get all the parts from as i want to buy them brand new?
i think brembo pads are basically made by ferodo anyway. ps does anyone know where to find grooved brembo discs as i've heard the drilled ones can crack
I think if I was goiing to be spending that sort of money I would go for the black diamind grooved discs and the ferrodo DS2500 pads. The pads are around £130 with the discs around £170.
If you want to get the 312mm carriers VAGParts sell them new for around the £100 mark
Well after all that im going to go with the brembo's anyway.

Cheapest i found was 960 does that sound about right?

that sounds about right,don't expect them to be on the shelf though I had to wait over a month for mine
I really would go for the s3 conversion.
I just did this on my 1.8t and the difference really is night and day.
Im running 312m black diamond disks and mintex extreme pads on the front. Standard on the rear.
From what dave has posted it seems the ultimate pad setup will be ferodo ds3000 pads.
Prawn has the ds2500 and after driving daves car says the ds3000's are loads better.

I didn't have the spare cash to go for those pads so i went for the cheaper mintex.

I would go for black diamond grooved disks from euro performance

The pads are available from bill at badger 5

If your dead set on buying new carriers vag parts sell them.

Ds2500 and mintex extreme pads are also available through jabbasport:salute:
Brand new Brembo kits are available off the shelf for about £830 if you know where to look! ! ! Silver caliper available too!

Go 312mil s3 or golf anni discs, stock calipers, 312mil carriers, (al la s3 or anni), stock VW discs, (cheap and high quality material) then have some ferrodo ds 2500 pads, and some good brake fluid, (ATE blue is good and cheap).
You should be sorted for about £400 all in, brand new and save a packet if you buy second hand carriers, discs etc.

(I have a set off my S3 before I fitted brembos!)

I had this set up on my mk4, except with stock vw pads, and braking was never an issue at all, even with k03s and 235hp, trackdays the lot, you could outbrake anything with it!
Its weird cos on the s3, the same set up is poor! 2wd is a fair bit lighter though!
There is a set of s3 calipers on e gay for £30 buy it now if you still want some !

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