Folding Mirrors Up For Grabs


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Jan 14, 2008
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J/Ollie I know its blasphemy putting post on here for items for sale, apologies.

Anyone interested in folding mirrors, I beleive they will also fit the A4 & others, they work 100% as tested on my A3 that has them already, come with pretty much all the parts to fit but would need wiring but someone could easily do that as its only 2 wires, I could assist a bit with my wiring skills.

Wiring is either reverses polarity wiring to fold/unfold or uses one wire power to fold & then switches to other wire to unfold, easy enough with some relay timers & relays, link upto the alarm as I did on my S3 & soon to do on my A3.

The motors use pressure to sense when to stop which inturn I believe cuts the power to the circuits, the stems already on your car have raised metal parts for the motor to bump against to know when to stop, so I would say all stems are compatible as uses pretty much same principle etc as manual folding in, subject to checking of course but from what I can see is the same.

Has the covers of my car & also boths sides have the blind side mirrors glass aswell, all need to do is fit to car, wire in & hey presto you're away.

They cost fair price from audi & thats without mirror glass or covers.

I bought a whole set from germany that had the S3 alum covers so these were surplus to requirements.

Sensible offers invited.

lol, no worries, yeah just bought the set for the alum covers so the actual folding parts I didnt need as had already, they work 100% as tested on my car, I was interested in how they worked so I stripped mine down to see wiring for when I rewire mine into the central locking, at same time I put these on temp to test as mine were all taken apart anyway, lol, why not then I can sell them knowing that they work perfectly.
PM sent Nigel...
Are these just plug and play? any other wiring required?
As the original post says mate it needs relays etc & wiring so no its not plugnplay, but I personally think the twisting knob for mirrors is ****, as sometimes if its not locked into position the knob cuts power of which is why on my s3 I wired it into my locking system, my A3 has the current knob to fold/unfold, but that will change asap.
The motors & glass as most would reuse the covers would cost £444 from stealers, just checked, as both sides are aspherical I would seriously suggest using these, they are great for blind spots & I havnt been without these on all my cars since 01, you dont normally get the passenger side in this country even though its a listed part to buy anyway.
Anyone interested as I will list on fleabay otherwise.