"56" plate RS4 Fault Codes


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Hey my girlfriend and i have just bought a nice rs4 only problem that i have with it is the flat tyre warning light is on. i have tried resetting it on the dash with no joy so i popped along to my mates garage and put it on his diagnostics it came up with a couple fault codes being
"ERROR CODE : 1521 (tyre pressure sensor (ATT))"
"FAULTY ERROR CODE : 1833 (antenna for rear tyre pressure supervision (ATT))"

Anyone got info on these as i dont know what needs replaced... or can i turn this system off???

thanks doug king


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what did you scan it with ?
you can turn it off via VCDS


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There is also an option in VCDS coding - under Tire Pressure to select the correct Antenna frequency (theres 2) - Mine was on the wrong setting causing the flat tyre error to come on.


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thanks for the reply not been on for a while

i scanned it with a texa digagnostic tool at my work but it didnt seem to be able to do much

will see if i can find a vcds tool around aberdeen

if not how do i go about getting one??

cheers doug