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Aug 16, 2007
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I got a universal intercooler for really cheap off a friend with loads of pipes so i fitted it to my car today and i am very pleased with the result,

1st Stripped it all down..


Then mounted the intercooler took of the existing 2 side mounted intercoolers and piped to the top pipes....



Finished and looks quite stealthy through bumper :icon_thumright:


All cost me £50 and still had a few spare silicone hoses, Bargain im well pleased :laugh: time for anouther remap now the intake temps wont be high. any idea what the turbo is capable of? im hoping around 270 bhp?
Your FMIC looks exactly the same as mine, although I mounted mine the other way up due to piping etc.
that fits nice under the bumper good work , noticed any difference?
i removed the crash bar fitted the intercooler did a bit of modifying to the crash bar to make it fit back on the re fitted the pipes wouldnt go the other way round as the 3" inlets/outlets woudnt fit without trimmiung the bumper.

thanks for comments, cant notice any difference really i will have to take it for a good blast but its ******* it down so cant :3sadwalk: sounds abit deeper but sppols up the same with no more or less lag.
had to adjust them slightly after to get fogs back on but went on quite well the pipes sit on the outside of the fogs now inside the bumper so you cant see any pipes through the grills
shame most of it is behind the bumper, need some ducting
it must get some air up there tho because the radiator and air con radiators are up that high, it has got to be better than them two small side mounts!
agreed, but it benefits from some ducting that stops air flow loss out the sides at the front and some that "pulls" it through towards the undertray, should be a similar looing scoop on the undertray already just needs "tweaking".
looks good though, can't argue for £50!
I can confirm they get plenty air mounted there without the need for any ducting.

I have the smaller turbo making more boost (K03s and 23psi) so the air is much hotter than the 15 or so psi that will be flowing through your larger turbo, and my average temp was about 27 degrees, so I'd imagine your intake temps would be even colder.

To compare, before the FMIC intake temps were around 60 degrees.
Just got my car back as its been in PROSPEED in cardiff getting some chrome pipes made up for my intercooler which i think is the same as yours danclarke.

Will get some pictures put up later as im in work at the moment, i havent noticed much difference apart from you can hear it whistling alot more.

Hey sitrials have you got any pictures of your intercooler finished?


Danclarke nice job looks really good!!!!:racer:
can you measure inlet temp through VAG com?
Hey everyone here are some pics my mate took with a not very good camera lol but at least ive got some, anyway let me know what you think:

These are just a few for now will post some more after the weekend.
How deep are they? Looking at the ones on ebay they range from 60mm to 80mm so interested inwhat size people have and keep the standard fogs and grills.
Hey everyone the dimensions of my intercooler are 600 X 300 X 76MM and the inlet size is 3"

I bought my intercooler from ebay and got a company to make my pipes up in chrome and the visual pipes are samco, in all it cost me £300 ( £100 for the intercooler and £200 for the pipes) which isnt bad as the forge kit is £600.

Hopes this helps
Have you managed to get the fogs back in yet or have you given up on them?
Do you still have the crash bar intact or did you need to cut it?
I wont be putting the fog lights back in as there is no room for them lol. I have taken the crash bar out as i would of needed to cut a really minor bit out of it and thought it would of been a waste so ive kept it to put back on, if i sell the car so its fully intact.

Yes i think that looks like the 1 ive got but i think mines from a different company. The make of mine was Autobahn 88.
So is your intercooler pushed back as far as it will go against the rad or could it go back a fraction further which may allow the crash bar to be put back on?
So your going to drive your car without the crash bar??

I know its there for a reason and im looking at ways of putting it back on, but i didnt want to cut into the crash bar like alot of people have done and weaken it!

Will be taking the bumper of again soon and seeing how far the intercooler will go back!!!!
Whats better slightly weakened crash bar or none at all?? crash bars are peanuts so it might be worth you just trimming it a bit and see how you get on!

I only say this i am very impressed with what you have bought and made up and I'm thinking of doing it myself, but would like to see how you get on with the bar,fogs etc first!! :o.k:
Thanks for the comments and will keep you posted on how things go!

I always thought that the crash bars were pretty expensive but if you say they are peanuts ill have to look into getting a spare 1!!!!

So your going to drive your car without the crash bar??


lol! .. FMIC looks really good guys nice work, but have to agree with the above.
Don't want to sound too negative, but how much cool air is your radiator going to get with that thing in front of it, and what will that do to the rest of the engine? And if its too thick to put the crash bar back on without modding it then I'd be worried about the pressure drop. You can add lag and lose power if you go too big.

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