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Jan 24, 2008
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Due to a builders van dropping a ladder in front of me on the motorway whilst doing 70 odd I am getting the following done through an Audi approved garage....
  • front bumper sprayed and blended (scratched the underneath - no damage on front)
  • wheelhouse covers x2 (inner wheelarch cover i think)
  • track control arm x2 Front l/R (125.87 each plus vat)
  • guide joints x2 (38.50 each plus vat)
  • upper joint x2 (8 each plus vat)
  • lower joint x2 (8 each plus vat)
  • lower control arm x2 (59.40 each plus vat)
  • upper control arm x2 (ditto - 59.40 each plus vat)
  • upper/lower joints x4 (8 quid each)
Breakdown of cost (all plus vat)
Laour 655
other 313
parts 649
paint/mat 111

Strangely enough the double 6ft aluminium ladder went under the car and luckily did not touch the bodywork !

After exchanging details etc and me carrying on my journey it was apparent the car was pulling to the left, after having the alignment done at Audi they said it needed to go into a proper repairers etc

Anyway spoken to the garage a week before this info has come through and they said they r replacing the wishbones, all droplinks, balljoints etc etc
Told them today I want to ensure the wishbone bushes and anti roll bar bushes are replaced and bill me the cost of parts and any additional laour

Can anyone explain in english what the aove parts are? Guessing the expensive two bits r wishbones but can anyone tell me what the other joints are.....
Any advice as to what i should ensure is done at the same time to save labour cost - not interested in replacing the anti roll bars/shocks/springs as I have decided the car stays standard suspension wise - happy enough with it at the moment and dont want to shell out loads of cash.....

Any input would be much appreicated guys !


Have you checked the ARB or top mounts? Both are common problems for the S3 which produce the knocking sound. Otherwise you could have a loose wheel bearing or the CV Joint has come apart.

If it is whining when you turn left or right, check your power steering fluid, this happened to me and a simple top up rectified it.

The 13mm socket probably would have fallen out by now, if not you can get underneath and remove the undertray and then feel around.

My S3 always pulls like a basteard to the left, another common issue. I've had here 4WA so many times and checked the tyre and other parts that it is just stupid.

For the screw, you can get them from Audi for 20p, very easy to refit. Doubt this would cause the noise.
"On my second S3 and loving it. RS3 here I come!!!"

Above reply to another topic from Jester3...the part about S3's common problem of pulling to the left - is that common as mine has only developed since I drove over the ladder !

Anyone help with identifying what the garage r replacing as I'd like to sound half knowledgable when I speak to them to ensure I'm getting what i want.....should I also get the top mounts replaced ??

Help please

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