How practical is the A2 boot?


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Jan 4, 2007
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An open question to the A2 owners out here - I'm pondering down-sizing and am looking at the A2. I'm wondering, how practical is the boot in real-world day-to-day use. I'll shortly have two children, thus necessitating the use of the back seat for baby car seats, so wondering if the boot is still useable in that scenario. Can you fit anything in it? If you were to put a Bugaboo in there, is there room for anything else?

Does anyone use a roofbox?

Also, what is it like on a motorway run? Comfortable?
I'm not an A2 owner but I've driven a few and think you would be frustrated with it. The ride quality is dire on all but the smoothest of surfaces and compared with our A4 the interior quality is poor.

Boot is quite tall but not very deep.

On a side note I'd not bother spending all that cash on a Bugaboo. There are plenty of better systems out there for half the cash unless the brand name is that important to you.

I went with myself, wife and 2 kids in the A2 a couple of weeks back to the airport for our Hols. THat was 4 people, 2 buggies and 4 suit cases (2 full size, 2 kiddy size) with ease.

Cant fault it for our use.
My Friends had an A2,
and a buggaboo,
It was fine when the had 3 of them but a bit tight on space when going away,
however now they have a new baby also it was way too small and they sold it,

Hope this helps
I used to have one as a company car, never had to carry kids in it. I opted for two seats in the back rather than the bench. This meant it could only carry 4 people. The boot is great for cases and carrying shopping - although buggies might cause a problem.

The interior is great, mine was a 1.4 TDi in silver with blue leather and the open sky system. Handling was fine, performance and fuel consumption were excellent.

The ride quality in the sports is a little rough with lowered suspension and running 205/40x17 tyres is probably the cause of this.

My Dad owns it now and loves it! Plus £35 a year road tax is a fair bonus!
I'm expecting a baby and looking for a cheap durable car for myself. It's not going to be a family car but I'd like to be able to put all the staff we'll need there. I like the idea of driving A2 but what you've said about the boot is highly worrying :( Do you have any other ideas how to discourage me from buying it :) If you do, tell me, please for I dont want to buy my self a problem... :)
I Have one with two kids, not baby's anymore though, & its surprising how much room there is in there, I'd say you would have plenty of room for buggies , shopping etc especially if you go for a SE this has a false floor in the boot which basically gives a second small boot underneath with plenty of room for shopping and with the false floor folded over loads of room for baby gear above, and because the rear seats take out completly the load space for moving stuff is huge really for the size of the car, the ONLY downside I'd say with an A2 is the ride can be quite firm especially with a sport model but many owners upgrade the shocks on these to Koni FSD's. The 17" wheels with 215/45/17 tyres fitted don't help, but that is it, so with 16" rims fitted with 195's on an SE is the one to have for comfort , otherwise a great well thought out car, hope this helps.

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