Error 3???


Goodie Gum Drops
Dec 4, 2007
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Drivng along last night when i skipped CD but it went to radio, now the display shows ERROR 3 when i try and use the CD function, no matter what i do it will not eject play or skip!!

Anyone had any issues like this in the past, its the standard 6 CD changer by the way.

Yes i have had this problem on a few ocassions.

What i do to sort it out is eject the cd magazine from the boot (with the head unit and ignition off) then replace it and that seems to remove the error.

hope that helps
CD sounds like it could be jammed. have you tried Disconnecting the battery for a min?
I get the ERROR not ERROR 3, it seems to hang halfway through a CD. Stuck a cleaner CD through it but still get it every now and again. Doing what juntz suggestes seems to be the real cure.
Any idea on how to get the 6 CD'S out from the head unit? It doe's seem like its jammed half way through a change.'s the front loader your talking about isn't it ?
or is it a 6 disc changer in the boot ??
mines a cd changer in the boot so not sure what to do in this case sorry?
No pin hole to poke to release them? Like a CD on a computer.
No nothing at all, will try and remove the headunit tommorow and have a look round the back of it, not fussed about the head unit just want me CD's
Got it sorted, just a case of whipping the headunit out and taking the top plate off it and unjamming the top two CD's .