Coolant Temp Sensor 2.0 TDi BKD

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Feb 26, 2007
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Hi all,

Looks like my 2005 A3 may have a faulty coolant temp sensor.

Anyone changed one before ? Is it similar to the 1.8T in that you can swap it with minimal coolant loss (when the Engine is cold) ?


With the engine cold, release the filler cap to remove any residual pressure in the system and then tighten it back down. Unscrew the old one and stick your thumb over the hole while you pickup the replacement. You'll lose very little coolant.
Thanks - so basically exactly the same proceedure as swapping it on a 1.8T.

I take it that it is just held in by a slide clip in the same way. ?

Right it has popped another code so there is obviously a fault. Sebastian at Ross-Tech has said that there are knows issues with the sensors and an optimized part after week 25 2005 (stamped on sensor WW-YY so anything after 25-05).

Spoke to my local dealer and they have 6 in stock - the downside it is £30 including the O-Ring.

So of later to pick on up.

Changed it last night - wasn't too bad.

The top of the airbox and MAF have to be removed, the lovely chap in the factory that fitted the original, also decided it would be a laugh to put the release clip for the loom on the block side. So I ended up taking the sensor out still attached to the loom.

Of course, as always happens, the O-ring stayed in place. Also you do loose a fair bit of coolant - a lot more than when I change the 1.8T sensor on my Golf. The level in the header dropped about an inch, left a bit of a puddle on my garage floor.

Cleared the code and did a quick test (as I was out last night) and the code didn't return.

I will do a longer test tonight and let the temp get up to 90.