Help! A4 not very well...


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Jan 26, 2005
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About 2 months ago my car started making a squeaking noise when I came off the throttle and every so often when it was idling. When I had my cambelt done, I had the Alternator Pulley done too, as my indy suspected this to be the fault.

Anyway, right as rain after the CamBelt change, until about 2 weeks ago when the noise came back. Not as bad this time but noticeable. Then, in the last week some more things - I had come over the moors towards Sheffield and I was, well, booting it a bit. Came down into the 30 limit on the edge of the city, and Oil Pressure warning came on. It was running fine and then the warning went off as I pulled up. On the motorway the other day, came off onto the slip road and slowed down from m'way speeds and again the oil pressure warning light came on again, and then straight off. I think the engine management light may have come on at this point too!

It has also started to idle at 1400rpm not 800rpm from time to time. Moreso, seemingly when it's warm.

Has anyone got any ideas - are these things related or just random? Has anyone had them before. I can't get to the garage till next weekend...

Oh, and one more. My one touch window doesn't work on the drivers side. Well, it one touches down, but not up. The passengar window is fine from both the passenger door switch and the drivers. In turn this means my closure from the keyfob doesn't work any more!



Thanks for that. My car was on LongLife until 3k ago - it is now on fixed.

I will get this checked ASAP!


Could this account for the lumpy idle, and idling a bit higher than it should?

I cant really say to be honest because mine just went, I was on a 180 mile journey, when I stopped and heard the tapping, it was ideling normal from what I can remember.

All I can say is, is dont drive it at all till you get it checked out mate.
Better to be safe than sorry.....and the Agony it gave me I wouldnt wish it on any of you!!:no:
The problem I have is that the Indy I use in in Nottingham, I am in Sheffield

...well thats up to you, I know what Id rather do!
Fair Point!! Going to arrange a low loader!

I know it may seem extreme but I suppose its because I know what its like when it goes mate. Then you always say "if I "...

May not even be anywhere near mine and Dougies problem but like we say, you cant be too careful. I still sit here sometimes thinking what I could have done to my car with the £3200 I had to pay out!!!:(
I am pretty sure I had erratic idle before my oil pump sludged up. On start up it would be high (1000-1400rpm) sometimes a blip of the throttle would bring it back down to 800ish where it should be. To be fair, I never noticed it really in day to day driving, it was only on start up, the first I knew about my problem it was pretty instant, oil pressure light came on-engine sounded like a tractor, there were NO engine management lights.

Please dont take what we are saying as gospel that this might be what is wrong with your car, there could be a couple of innocent things going on at the same time. Have you checked your oil level? I know its simple, but that may be your oil pressure warning light problem, secondly there are so many sensors on these cars as you know, it could be something like a throttle position sensor that is throwing up an engine management light and causing erratic idle. Get the simple stuff checked out first, I wouldnt wantt you going to the expense of trailering the car around if its something silly, on the other hand though, if it is the same as J7USS's and my car then trailering is deff the best option.

Good luck and keep us up to date

Another reason for why Im thinking more its the oil sludge/Pump issue is at lower revs the oil aint being circulated round the engine enough as it would do at higher revs hence your oil light coming on when you come to lower speeds.
Another reason for why Im thinking more its the oil sludge/Pump issue is at lower revs the oil aint being circulated round the engine enough as it would do at higher revs hence your oil light coming on when you come to lower speeds.

There is loads of oil in it, I checked it both times I had the Oil Pressure warning light.

The eratic idle is pretty much all the time now, up at 1400rpm. If it does dip it goes lumpy. The engine sounds OK though, not tappety at all. The guys I use in Nottingham have a low loader so hopefully they will pick it up this week, I will find out tomorrow.

Once this is sorted it's getting some TLC! Bonnet, bumper, and front wing respray, alloys reapiring and powder coating. New brakes (S4 - where the hell can I get them, keep looking on ebay but no luck), and finally a full professional detail....

Cheers for you advice guys, I was dreading it may be this before I posted about it.....

There will be plenty of oil in it still but if the Oil pump aint doing its job then it aint getting round your engine as it should be. Mine was bang on Max when I kept checking aswell.

Hopefully you caught it before it gets worse though mate.
...and saying that, it might not be anything to do with the pump.
Guess we'll see when your guys look at it.