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Dec 27, 2007
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Ideally i am looking at buying one of these polishing machines to get rid of my swirls etc.... although cant really warrant shelling out for the Meguiars tool as i will probably use it once/twice...... I have seen a few on ebay going at between £30-£40..... what is going to be the difference between one of these and the much more expensive Meguiars model. Obviously id be looking to buy the decent attachments that affix... I know theres a difference in how they rotate, the ebays probably do full 360's where as the Meguiars is more of an aggitator (confirmation plz:eek:)
can u post a link to the machines that your looking at on ebay? we'll be able to tell u a bit more then but to be honest without even seeing them there prob not gonna be up2 the task in hand. this is probs gonna be the cheapest polisher you can get which will get the job done. heard lots of good things bout this polisher aswell. o and i think some1 has caught the detailing bug with all these questions lol
erm...just a tad Chris:jump:..... ive always been interested in this sort of stuff but didnt realise it was so 'do-able', a few posts on here have got me hooked aswell as the Polished Bliss posts..... its addictive!!! now just need to get some work done;o)

this is just one of the polishers ive spotted on ebay..... again.... apart from the 360 disc... cant see that theres much difference.... open to bein proved wrong though
gotta be honest im not the best with machine polishers. one of the more established members will be able to help out a bit more with this one but im sure there will be a big difference!
by the way check out detailingworld.co.uk the ideal website for us enthusiasts
will do..... actually i have just had a read through the link you placed on the Meguiar model and it states that the 360 machines are harder to operate, making it far easier to ruin the paintwork by cutting too much into it.....
animal, that one on ebay looks quite good, id be tempted to buy that
The cheaper machines are rotary polishers, whereas the Megs 220, PC 7424 and UDM's are all random orbital polishers (Dual action).

Both are as effective when used correctly, but I believe the Random Orbitals are easier for novices (such as myself)


The ones on eBay are rotary as teknobod states.

Essentially these are harder to use and therefore, to the inexperienced individual carry more risk of damage and burns to the paint.

A Dual Action (DA) polisher such as the Megs (the best option as it is 230V and is the best to operate compared to the PC or UDM) is a lot easier to use for the novice and whilstit isn't foolproof it is a lot harder to damage your paint with one of these.

It is such a wide subject that I'd highly recommend a visit to the forum on www.detailingworld.co.uk

In particular look at this guide: -


Be prepared to lose lots of time as you sit at your computer absorbed!

Hope this helps

thanks for the posts fellas.....

Monkey.... you've probably guessed that i haven't spent as much time as i should at the PC researching, looking at my threads:eek:)

I think im going to go down the route of having it done rather than doing it myself.... although i love doing the work cos it gives you more pride and more reason to maintain it.... think ill end up messing it up, plus once all the compounds have been bought, i might aswell have shelled out for a proper job..... then theres the argument of having the stuff for the future..... grrrr..... i'd love to learn to use the rotary machines because (as dangerous as they are) they seem to provide the most benefit when used correctly.....
ive had this argument with meself plenty off times and came to the conclusion.....let my mate do it for nothing :)
that doesn't help Chris:jump:

im gonna post some pics when i get a chance so you guys can comment..... just washed the damn thing, removed tar and clayed/waxed my rear bumper then the snow started again grrr
lol blastered weather! so what did u make of the clay- did it pull off alot of dirt?
I agree you can spend as much on getting the gear and having no idea !!

For me I guess its a thing of paying someone to do something I'd love to be able to do for myself and get that personal satisfaction of looking at it and saying "I did that"

From a practice point of view you could always buy a rotary and get a couple of audi panels from the scrappers

I've seen it where someone has inflicted scratches themselves then corrected very well before they let themselves loose on their own motor

If you want someone local to you then Craig Mudd (www.muddydetail.co.uk) comes highly recommended over on Detailing World and is based Sheffield way.
erm..... not much of the small part of mine i tried, however, decided to have a go at the misus yellow mini. OMG!! did half the boot to see the difference between non clayed and clayed, although not the most noticable when finished and waxed(prob down to the colour and the fact that it was waxed by the dealer fortnight ago).......apart from the ultra smooth surface.... the amount of crap that the clay picked off was unbelievable!!! lad next door is sold on the stuff after seeing what i removed........ ****** good show!!!:w00t:

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